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Automation Summit

On Thursday, September 12, Red Dot Digital's CEO, KC Goundiam has spoken on a panel at the Automation Summit London entitled Expert Insights: Bringing the Start-Up Mentality to Enterprise Organisations.

KC shared the stage with Af Malhotra, co-founder of GrowthEnabler, and Ashok Suppiah, co-founder and CEO of Mitra Innovation, Rick Snyder, Founder of the Invisible Edge and Leonie Ryan, Managing Director at Citi. The panel was moderated by Phil Stone, director of ISG.

Here’s the panel write-up:

“The pace of change in today’s society is so fast and volatile that companies of all sizes are seeing their survival at risk unless they adopt innovative technologies. Start-up organisations have demonstrated that success can be driven by disruption, a theory that challenges the way that traditional enterprises operate. In this session, hear how to think like a start-up, but scale like an enterprise! We’ll be learning through real-life examples of how large enterprises have used innovative techniques to become more disruptive.” 


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