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Red Dot Founder Speaks at the Time to Grow Conference

On Saturday, November 30, 2019, Red Dot’s Founder, Karima-Catherine Goundiam, spoke at the Time to Grow conference held at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. This leadership event brought together thought leaders, business leaders and people working toward social change to discuss personal and professional leadership. As the write-up describes, the event was designed to “stimulate and galvanize Toronto’s entrepreneurs and professionals into action” through the sharing of “powerful stories of physical, mental and emotional fortitude.”

​Speakers included Michael Rossi, President of Adidas Canada; Doug Keeley, CEO of Stories Rule; Neil Pasricha, best-selling author; Tony van Marken, entrepreneur; and Fareen Samji, golf champion. Net proceeds of the event were contributed to the Aga Khan Museum.

KC Goundiam said, “Speaking at the Time to Grow conference was a rare and uplifting experience. In addition to the line-up of amazing and inspiring speakers, I was overwhelmed with the generosity, kindness, and inclusion I felt during the event. It’s rare to feel embraced and accepted the way I did.”


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