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Red Dot Founder Gives Keynote in Kuwait on digital transformation in eLearning

In November, Red Dot’s Founder, Karima-Catherine Goundiam, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Digital transformation fuels eLearning” at the Arabian Gulf Career Development Forum in Kuwait. She spoke about digital transformation in the space of elearning and received positive feedback from many conference participants.

“I was so happy to share insights with peers, experts and practitioners from the Middle East and Arab countries,” said Goundiam. This event was a promising step forward as part of Red Dot Digital’s international expansion program.

“As a Canadian and woman, I can attest to how amazing this international opportunity has been and how it helped me make strides in this new region,” Goundiam said. “I go where few people want to go. I create opportunities and possibilities to build bridges and collaboration. I believe in connection without borders.”

While in Kuwait, Goundiam also gave two interviews to the main Kuwait news outlet.


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