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Let us help you succeed.

At Red Dot Digital, we work with you to build a rock-solid strategy, because strategy is crucial to your success. We help you unlock the mindset shift you need to keep on top of a changing digital business landscape, and we support you in the resulting change management. We provide top-notch project management from start to finish, and we show you key performance indicators so you know you’re on track.

How We Work
Our Promise

Here is Red Dot’s promise to you.


Above and beyond

No gimmicks. No shortcuts. We leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of the most compelling solutions to your challenges.


Never give up

We never compromise on quality. We are as passionate about your success as you are. Our approach is built on drive, quality and integrity.



We love what we do and have fun doing it. We create custom individualized solutions with the greatest care for each client.


No agenda

We tell it like it is. We pride ourselves on being objective and straightforward. Our focus is on creating long-term success based on your business goals.

Our Services

Red Dot Digital’s core service is strategy. We start by assessing and understanding your needs, taking an audit approach. This is how we make sure that the services we’re providing are actually what you need.

Once we’ve carried out an audit and developed a digital strategy in collaboration with you, we have options!


  • Red Dot can handle the implementation entirely as a turnkey service provider.

  • Your team can do some of the execution and Red Dot can handle the rest, based on your existing resources and skills.

  • Your team can implement the strategy, with Red Dot on hand in an advisory role and to provide back-up as needed.


It’s a flexible package depending on your needs. In all cases, Red Dot Digital can provide holistic advice on what to do first, whether or not it’s wise to follow a trend, and how use data-driven digital insights to build lasting success. In short, we use our expertise to work directly to your objectives.


Here are some of the services we combine into our customized packages!

Digital audit and strategy

Digital audit and strategy  As a baseline for every other service we provide, we help you find out where you are... and decide where you want to go!

Monitoring, analytics and insights

Monitoring, analytics and insights We’ve tested dozens of tools and chosen the ones that give you the best value for your investment. Our expert insights help you make sense of what we learn.

Content strategy and optimization

Content strategy and optimization – We consider content at every step, and we make sure every piece of content, no matter how small, lines up with your strategy.

Digital technologies 
(website UX, mobile, apps, email)

Digital technologies (website UX, mobile, apps, email) – We’re platform-agnostic, which means we recommend the technologies that are truly best suited to your needs and help you integrate them in a streamlined, user-friendly way.

Social media advertising and Google Adwords

Social media advertising and Google Adwords – We develop high-performance creative campaigns to ensure you connect with your audiences and target markets with the best possible precision.

Community management and customer service

Community management and customer service – We build, manage and grow your community with our special touch, acting as your online frontline support.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – We know how to reach the most influential people worldwide to help work toward your business objectives. This makes us the best team to build strong influencer campaigns.  

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization – We work across a wide range of industries with people at the top of their fields to provide you with fine-tuned SEO strategies.

Project management

Project management – Our leadership is composed of project managers, Scrum masters, and tech experts who work together for efficient delivery.


Graphic design – We produce the creative elements required to support your brand across all channels. Our team is fast and used to working with dynamic and last-minute requests.

List of services
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