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Management consulting meets digital genius.


       At Red Dot, we are...

  • Dynamic: Red Dot brings you a team of seasoned professionals who thrive on creative challenge. We’re highly skilled, deeply knowledgeable, and overall a pleasure to deal with.

  • ­Diverse: Red Dot values diversity as a baseline to everything we do. We believe that the best results happen when we bring together an international team made up of people with a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints and ideas. Diversity isn’t a buzzword with us—it’s in our DNA!

  • ­Data-driven: The digital world may be intangible, but we like things concrete. We use the industry’s best tools to gather the data you need, and we use our expertise to give you insights based on that information. Our strategic advice gets you provable, measurable results.

Welcome to Red Dot


Red Dot Digital’s mission is to harness the power of digital insights and strategy to help our clients achieve authentic business success.


Vision and values

Red Dot Digital envisions a digital world that values diversity, creativity and the ethical use of data and digital insights for business strategy. We believe in the power of dynamic businesses—ours and yours—to help create that world.



We don’t aim for diversity—we start with it. Diversity is core to the make-up of our team and to our approach. 



The digital world holds endless possibilities. We use the power of creativity to unlock them.



Using a fine-tuned strategic approach, we grow your business authentically over time to help you dominate your niche.

Digital ethics


We will never use data or digital techniques in a dishonest way or for shady purposes. When you’re legitimately good at what you do, you don’t need to cheat.



Happy people work better! We believe in cultivating a happy team and bringing that warmth into our client relationships.

Vision and Values

The Red Dot story

How was Red Dot created? Find out in this short Q&A with Red Dot Digital’s founder, Karima-Catherine Goundiam.

Q. What inspired you to create Red Dot Digital?

A. I had worked in the field of digital in various roles, from project management to consultancy, handling small accounts, big accounts, major brands. I felt in 2014 that it was time for me to do my own thing, for a couple of reasons.

One is I felt the industry, with the agency-client model, was broken. I had seen how things worked on both sides and I knew that clients weren’t happy and agencies weren’t sophisticated enough. The model wasn’t producing results for either side. I felt I could do better!

The Red Dot Story
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