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At Red Dot Digital, we’re here to help you succeed.

We dive deep to understand your business. Then we create a customized digital strategy that delivers results. Our seasoned team can implement it for you or support your team as you handle execution in-house—whatever makes the most sense for your business goals.


Our core expertise




Digital transformation isn’t only about technology. It’s more like total change management for the digital world. We help you unlock the full potential of the digital age by analyzing where your business is in its digital growth and recommending proven strategies to take you all the way.




We capture and analyze the conversations happening in your field and about your brand, and we use it to inform our strategy advice to you. Using carefully selected tools, we can help you identify the key signals behind the noise, uncover opportunities and even anticipate crises. We can also help you understand your online reputation and become a part of the right conversations.


Management consulting

Digital isn’t a department. It’s a way of thinking, a set of potentials, a whole new approach to doing business. Red Dot can advise you on how to incorporate digital into your entire business model in a holistic way, and support your C-suite in providing visionary leadership as you adapt and grow.

International scope

As a small business, Red Dot Digital is international in every way. We work across borders to help you take full advantage of digital, regardless of your location or industry.

  • Our team members come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and operate in cities across Canada, the USA and Asia.

  • To deliver the best possible value for our clients, we currently have partner agencies in Canada and France.

  • We work with clients across a range of fields in multiple countries across North America, Europe, Africa and beyond.

What our clients say

“The digital world has become a key component of our industry, and Red Dot Digital helped guide us through the exploration of various platforms, their offerings, and how we could gain useful audience exposure in new ways. The team has a solid understanding of digital media and was able to provide us with recommendations on the best ways to utilize it for maximum success.”


Agnes Augustin,

CEO Shaw Rocket Fund



2018 - Joanna Townsend Excellence Award for Leadership in International Trade


Some Red Dot success stories

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