Red Dot’s seasoned pros are here for you.

At Red Dot Digital, we’ve got decades of experience in the digital industry. We’re highly connected online and throughout the industry and we’ve worked with and for renowned brands across Canada, the United States and overseas. From retail chains to law firms, from technical companies to tourism groups, we’ve helped clients small and large to get where they want to go.



Karima-Catherine (KC)

Key team members

Red Dot Digital brings together a diverse team of top freelancers from a wide range of expertise areas. In today’s business context, many of the best pros prefer to work for themselves! This innovative model allows us to work across multiple time zones and cultural contexts while minimizing overhead so we can pass on efficiencies to our clients.



At Red Dot, our core business streams are digital business and marketing, data insights, and profile-building and reputation management. Our cutting-edge audit and strategy skills support all three of these streams by driving data-based decision-making with and for your organization.


To provide even more holistic results for our clients, we also incorporate news creation and PR into these business streams by working with Patrick McCaully of the top-ranked firm Pointman News Creation as an integrated part of our team.


As part of our presence in France, we collaborate with Visionary Marketing in Paris. We work in close partnership on a range of digital projects for enterprise clients working with their international teams for a global reach.


We strongly believe in the power of creative, forward-thinking businesses and are proud to collaborate with experts and firms across time zones and fields of expertise to bring our clients a comprehensive, high-impact digital package.

“I have been partnering with Red Dot Digital for a long time and together, we have delivered deals throughout the world in many areas such as high tech, utilities and healthcare. Working with Red Dot Digital is a guarantee that we will deliver on time and above customer expectations. We are constantly challenging each other and working as true partners in order to deliver top-notch content and influence throughout the world in no time. Red Dot Digital is by far the best partner that I have worked with since the inception of my business.”


Yann Gourvennec

Visionary Marketing