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Red Dot Founder Gives MBA Keynote for Imperial College Business School

Updated: May 2, 2019

Earlier this month, Red Dot Digital’s Founder and Managing Director, Karima-Catherine (KC) Goundiam, gave the keynote address at the induction of the newest Executive MBA class at London’s Imperial College Business School, one of the world’s top universities.

“I am beyond honoured, because I was able to share my journey in corporate and now as an entrepreneur with 85 of the most brilliant minds in the world,” said KC. “I was humbled to realize that they could find my journey inspiring! It was a moment of massive and authentic engagement.”

KC is now a member of the advisory board for the Week-End MBA at Imperial College. All the program’s students work for the top companies in the world and some commute from as far away as Japan, Egypt, France and the USA each month to attend the weekend-based program. “I am honoured to accompany the students along their journey,” she said.


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